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Awkward Times With Megan Crain

Those close to me have probably had the pleasure of observing my talent for awkward situations. Like that time I squeezed my way through the crowd at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC to tell Ingrid Michaelson I’m absolutely obsessed with her music and I hope she never ever ever stops writing. If my overgush wasn’t enough I realized too late that I was then stuck there in the crowd more or less on top of poor Ingrid for approximately 3 full minutes with nothing to say to her. As we sipped our wines in horribly drawn out silence I could see my sister across the room shaking her head slowly in embarrassment. And I accomplish these things more often than anyone should admit. But, when a theater company you love working with offers you the opportunity to play the impressively dumb secretary for a marketing company who wants to be sexy but, well, we all want for things… you answer the call.

The following is a scene about a quest for the perfect marketing campaign for a roll of toilet paper.